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5 stars

I went there yesterday (Saturday) I was in a lot of pain, she have to work hard on my back and she did a fantastic job. Today I feel so much better that I could say that the pain is 80% better and that the first time I when there thank Katharine see you soon.

- Margarita C

5 stars

Kate did a great job thoroughly working out my many knots. Her office is so cozy and welcoming. I will definitely be back.


5 stars

Katharine is an excellent massage therapist with a top notch attitude! She was also very nice took great care to address my individual needs. Her studio is a converted office and she's done a wonderful job providing a Zen vibe in the heart of downtown Oak Park. My experience was fantastic and I will definitely be returning. Thank you!

-Anonymous MassageBook-verified client

5 stars

It was all so easy: to book, get there, and ease into the serene atmosphere as my cares were kneaded away. I felt so good afterward and my husband said he has never seen me so relaxed and calm. She truly has a passion for helping people - and so this is a priceless experience at a beneficial cost.


5 stars

I'm kind of a massage aficionado - I've had massages at luxury spas, chain places, and lots in between. Kate's 60-minute Swedish Massage was one of the best! It's hard to hit all of the tight/stressed spots in 60 minutes, but Kate did without it feeling rushed! I was very loose and relaxed when I left, and not sore in the spots that are sometimes tender after a massage.

I plan to recommend Kate to any of my city friends looking for a high-quality reasonably-priced massage!


5 stars

It was an awesome experience. I walked away feeling rejuvenated, and relaxed at the same time. I strongly recommend it


5 stars

Katharine really knows her stuff! My massage was excellent and very relaxing.


5 stars

I would not change anything as I am quite happy with your skills and the appointment. Thank you


The following are comments from evaluations as a student doing clinical practicum work.

I am a very unique client because of work stress and a very serious leg injury. Katharine was fantastic. -Gabe

Was an excellent experience. She was wonderful. -Rose

Would strongly recommend. Therapist was thorough and excellent. -Matthew

Katy is exceptional . She addressed my complaints and went beyond that. I hope to have her services again. -Patricia

Katie was great. And a master at draping! -Terri

Fantastic job! If I could book every time, I would! - Brad

Katie was very courteous and really connected with what areas I needed to be worked on. Great massage!! - Linda

Great session, one of the best that I've had here. - Daniel

One of the best massages I've had here. Excellent! - Amanda

Katie was great! Love her techniques and pressure. She really knows what she's doing. Felt like she's been doing this for a long time! Thank you. - Laura

Katharine did a great job both determining what I wanted done and following through. - Brian

I have had a lot of student massage over the years. I thought this one was great! - Teri.

Katie did a great job of following objectives, asking about pressure, making sure I was comfortable. Flow was good and consistent. - Kimberly

Responsive, attentive, and courteous. - Matthew

Katie easily read my body's reactions to sensitive spots and adjusted pressure where needed! - Denise

She was great! She was very good at asking what I need and making sure I was comfortable. - Helene

Excellent! I really loved the stretching component. That was new for me. - Zach

Katie was great -- I loved how kind she was. Maybe apply a little more pressure to knotted areas -- but overall, fantastic massage. :-) - Melissa

Kate knows her stuff. She gave me some good info and mentioned areas of my body that were particularly tight. We were a bit rushed at the end, but that's because she spent a good deal of time on my back which is what I needed. :-) -Karen

Great session. All issue areas were addressed in a comfortable way. Would return to Katharine again. - Kendra

Very professional! - Lance

She was really helpful after the session explaining different ways I could stretch out certain areas that were affecting me more than others. -Brian

Excellent relaxation massage! - Christine

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